Cleaning Up Pet Waste In Houston

Owning a dog or two is a joy. Dogs are loyal, loving, and non-judgmental, so the mess they leave behind is a small price to pay for such wonderful companionship. Still, we dog owners enjoy being able to walk across our lawns and use our sidewalks without stepping into a smelly surprise. Houston DoodyCalls makes residential and commercial lawns safe to walk on by providing poop removal and pet waste stations Kehma, Katy, Cyprus, Webster, and many others. DoodyCalls lets dog owners in the greater Houston area relax and enjoy their canine pals.

DoodyCalls offers a variety of pet waste removal plans, so you can choose the one that fits your needs. Do you have two, three, or four dogs? Do you need waste removed one or twice a week? Maybe you need a one-time service. Every dog owner has a unique clean-up situation, and DoodyCalls can customize a plan each one.

Their uniformed technicians are always professional, courteous, and prompt. These pooper scoopers sanitize their tools, so they won’t pass along any disease or parasites to your animals. As an added bonus, when DoodyCalls pooper scoops an area, they take the waste with them. You won’t have to deal with even a trace of the mess. Also, these professionals are extremely careful to latch gates and take other precautions to make certain your prized pets cannot get out and come to harm. When they are completely done with your yard, they will place a green hanger on your door, so that you know they’ve been there and completed the job.

Dog owners know that cleaning up after their pets often isn’t enough. Sometimes the doggie odor lingers and can cast a pall over your outdoor gatherings. Nothing wrecks a barbeque like the stench of pet waste. The professionals at DoodyCalls can solve this problem by deodorizing patios and decks and cleaning kennels and dog runs. They can sanitize and freshen up any area where a dog has left its mark.

Since they offer the 100% satisfaction guarantee, you can call them within 24 hours if you are not satisfied with the job they’ve done, and they will send someone out to redo your yard. If you use DoodyCalls, your yard will be clear of pet waste, and you will definitely be satisfied with the service.

The company also offers special discounts on prepay plans, and if you are a teacher, fireman, policeman, current or former member of the military, or a senior citizen, you will receive a 10% discount on your service. DoodyCalls wants to give back to the community that has been so good to them by honoring civil servants and our troops.

The commercial service that DoodyCalls provides helps make the entire community more appealing for citizens and visitors. Enjoying parks and other public areas is much easier when the pet waste has been scooped up and disposed of and when pet waste stations are conveniently located and well-maintained. Let’s face it: people are much more likely to clean up after their animals when the appropriate bags and disposal tools are handy. DoodyCalls makes certain all the supplies are there and easy to reach.

Pooper scooping may sound funny, but DoodyCalls takes pet waste removal seriously. They understand that your pets are beloved members of your family but that cleaning up after them can be unpleasant and time-consuming. Also, if you have children, you want them to thoroughly enjoy playing in their own backyard or in public parks without stepping in piles of waste. For more information on using their services, call 1-800-DoodyCalls or email them at Get a cleaner yard today!

Pet Waste Removal Kehma Techniques And Services

Caring for a pet brings many responsibilities and joys. Owners get to have a faithful companion, but they have to dispose of their pet’s waste as well. Taking the family pet for a walk can be very enjoyable, however owners have to take responsibility for the condition of outside public areas. Pet waste removal Kehma ensures that public areas stay clean and pleasant for every member of the community. Here are a few ways that owners of pets can dispose of their animal’s waste efficiently and quickly.

One good method to implement pet waste removal is to take a preventative approach. Pets have to be correctly trained either at an obedience school, or at home. Owners have to make sure that pets know the proper time and location to excrete. This could take many months of rigorous training and strict discipline. One technique to ensure that your pet excretes in the correct location, is to employ a negative and positive re enforcement policy. If your pet excretes in the wrong location (like indoors or on a tidy lawn), then you should acknowledge this error. This might involve relinquishing some treats, or using an angry tone of voice.

Nonetheless, you have to remember not to be violent or abusive. This will not solve anything and it will nurture a sense of distrust and fear in your pet. Only owners who understand how to correctly train and discipline their pets should take a preventative approach to pet waste disposal.

There are various other options, if you do not want to use preventative techniques. Nowadays, several firms manufacture disposal bags. Thus, these bags will disintegrate over time, without polluting the planet. They are an excellent type of pet waste removal, as the bags are strong, but they do break down eventually. Consequently, pet owners can take responsibility for their community, and their environment, simultaneously. As the pet waste removal industry has made great advancements in developing environmentally friendly products, people can clean up after their pets with no harm done to the environment.

Thus, there are several different methods for carrying out pet waste disposal. Owners can take a preventative approach and incorporate disciplinary policies (although, normally, this is confined to owners who are compassionate and knowledgeable). Also, owners can use bags for pet waste disposal, to take responsibility for their environment and community. As long as owners are conscientious about their animals, they can still enjoy having a pet.

Just like human beings, dogs have no set time to go to the toilet. Whenever a dog feels the urge to excrete, it will just do it naturally. Unsanitary pet excrement emits embarrassing and offensive odors. Often, this can be the cause of disputes between neighbors. Also, filthy dog excrement will result in the proliferation of bacteria and parasites. This is dangerous both for pets and human beings, because it can cause many different illnesses.

To prevent these problems, you should hire the services of a pet waste removal Kehma company, such as Houston DoodyCalls, which deals with pooper scooper work. A company like this will provide a reliable and efficient dog waste removal service at your house, or apartment. These professionals will deodorize and sanitize the affected areas with disinfectant, to eradicate the damaging micro organisms, which can thrive after a dog has fouled.

Also, pet waste removal companies can offer a service to communities by regularly inspecting walkways. Cleaner surroundings will benefit residents and the area as a whole. Pet waste removal services take care of your animal’s excrement, and ensure that your surroundings remain pleasant and inhabitable.

Clean Your Yard Of Pet Waste Forever

Are you tried of your yard being little more than a place where your dog can go when nature calls? The sad truth is that many people enjoy their yards before they get pets, using them for family barbecues, yard games and places where the children can run and play. After they get a dog, though, these people may stop using the yard completely because it is always a such mess. If you have found yourself in this position, you need to hire a dog poop pickup service Kehma residents like yourself have come to love.

Timely, Consistent Service
A professional company will clean your yard on a consistent and predictable basis. This means that you can always be sure that the yard is clear of all waste when you are inviting people over. Even if you are not home to do it, seeing as how you need to be at work or running errands during the day, the yard will get cleaned up promptly each day. It can be very nice to have the confidence of knowing when your yard is clean so that you never have to worry about it at all.

A Playground for Your Children
When you bought your house, the first thing that you probably thought about while looking at your yard was how your children would love to run and play in it. You do not need to let this dream die. Children often spend far too much time inside, watching television or going on their computers and tablets, simply because they do not know where to go or what to do outside. Your yard can become a playground that will help get them out of the house, where they can burn off all of that excess energy and get the exercise that they need.

Curb Appeal
Another thing that you probably loved about your home when you first got it was the curb appeal. Your house looked great, and you could not wait to show it off to your friends and family members. However, as your pet began to take over the yard, the curb appeal slowly started to decline. The yard grew messy and unappealing. Now, you may even feel slightly embarrassed when people are walking by your house. Is this really the way that you want to live? You can have a home that you are proud of once again if your yard is clean and clear.

A Quality Job
The biggest draw of hiring a dog poop pickup service Kehma residents like yourself are using, besides the fact that you never have to clean up after your pet again, is that you can be confident that the company will do a quality job every time. You and your children may not approach the job with the same dedication because it is simply an unappealing task. No one likes having to clean up after their own pet. However, a company that makes a living doing this work takes it very seriously. The best companies, such as Houston DoodyCalls, will actually give you a guarantee so that you get your money back if you are not 100% satisfied with the job that they do.

Setting Up A Schedule
When you go to, you can find out anything that you want to know about how these companies work. You can also learn how to get in touch with them and set up a cleaning schedule. They will be glad to accommodate you, so do not hesitate to contact them and create a schedule that works for your family and for your budget.

Five Reasons Why Working With Doody Calls Is A Good Idea

While it is not hard to find one of several dog poop pick up Houston services, it is important to take the time to pick the right one. You, as a pet owner, are not only trusting a company to come onto your property but are also putting your health and the health of your pets in the hands of a professional who should be offering a high level of service. Following are five reasons why Doody Calls is the company of choice in this arena.

Full Insurance

Many homeowners do not realize that they can be held liable for mishaps that occur at home unless they have comprehensive home insurance. This means that you, as the pet’s owner, may be required to pay the medical and other bills if your dog bites someone who is removing poop from your yard.

However, Doody Calls eliminates this risk by providing full insurance to all its workers. This means that as a customer, you do not have to worry about any mishaps that may occur while the dog or cat poop is being removed.

Organized Pick-up by the Same Person

If you order regular (bi-weekly, weekly, bi-monthly, monthly) service, the same professional team will attend to your needs each and every time. This enables you to get to know those who are working on your yard and/or garden and develop mutual trust. Just as importantly, your pets will get to know their “cleaning team” and will feel at ease having them around.

No Frills and Fluff

Doody Calls keeps costs down by not offering extra frills and fluff that you do not really need. While other companies charge a high fee for disinfecting yards and/or applying questionable chemicals to your lawn, Doody Calls simply sticks to its job and does not offer gimmicky products that do not penetrate the yard deeply enough to do any good in the first place.

Full Poop Removal

When Doody Calls does poop removal, it completely removes the poop. What this means is that the poop is placed in plastic bags and taken with the work crew to be properly disposed of. Poop will never be dumped into a client’s dumpster; this not only stinks up the entire neighborhood but also attracts unwanted pests.


Doody Calls offers plenty of scheduling options to pick from, enabling a pet owner to pick the one that best suits his or her needs and budget. Even so, the company understands that emergencies, unexpected events and personal issues may arise that could require a client to reschedule a poop removal visit. This is not a problem; Doody Calls is open nearly 365 days a year and makes it very easy for pet owners to adjust a poop removal schedule as needed.

Getting rid of pet poop on a regular basis is very important to your health and the health of your pets. If you are unable to attend to this important yet unpleasant task on your own, Doody Calls stands ready to offer top-notch service at an unbeatable price. The company is professional, handles clients in a friendly, caring manner and has all the resources needed to leave your yard and/or garden 100% poop free.

Four Reasons Why Hiring A Pooper Scooper Houston Is A Good Idea

puppy-towel-rollAs the name implies, a pooper scooper Houston cleans dog and cat poop from yards and gardens. You can hire a pooper scooper to come on a one time or regular basis. There are several important reasons why working with a good pooper scooper company is imperative to your health and that of your pets and neighbors.

Regular Cleaning

Dog and cat poop is extremely unhygienic, even if it is buried under the soil. It will attract roaches, get into the underground water supply or be dug up by an overly curious small child. For these reasons, it is important to remove every bit of the poop from your yard on a regular basis. As most people have neither the time nor the inclination to take on this highly unpleasant job, working with a pooper scooper company is the best option.

Effective Poop Removal

It is all too easy for a homeowner to miss one or more piles of poop, especially if his or her dog(s) and/or cat(s) do not have one particular place in the yard that they use as their regular bathroom. Thankfully, professional pooper scoopers are both trained and efficient. They will not only remove visible poop but also dig around to find hidden poop and remove it.

Yard Deodorizing

As most pet owners have surely realized, poop stinks. It is one of the last smells you want to have lingering in your yard and/or garden. What is more, the smell is almost certain to irritate the neighbors. While it is hard to get rid of the smell of poop on your own, a professional pet waste removal company has special deodorizers on hand to eliminate the smell. These deodorizers are safe and cause no harm to pets, plants or people.

Removal of Poop from the Area

Finally, a good pet waste removal company will never simply throw the poop in your dumpster. Instead, pet waste removers will take the poop with them as they leave and dump it in a local landfill. This not only eliminates the foul smell of accumulated pet poop but also prevents pests from being attracted to the smell and causing problems in the neighborhood.

Why Doody Calls?

While there are numerous pooper scooper companies in the Houston area to choose from, Doody Calls stands out for several reasons. To start with, dog owners, who not only care about cleaning yards but also treat pets with respect, founded the small company. The service is professional yet friendly in nature and offers a high level of customer service.

Doody Calls offers affordable service and is fully bonded, licensed and insured. Poop removers are available nearly all days of the year and there are various cleaning schedule options for pet owners to pick from. What is more, a pet owner’s chosen schedule can be easily adjusted to suit his or her needs.

Cleaning poop from the yard on a regular basis is not just nice; it is a must. That is why Doody Calls stands ready to offer prompt, efficient, affordable service to all local pet owners. The company’s high level of service ensures that a pet owner’s yard remains clean throughout the year.

Protect Your Familiy with Dog Poop Pickup Service Perland

If you have a dog, then you have doggy bombs in the yard. Even if you take your pooch walking regularly and pick up along the way, your pet is still leaving some early morning surprises out in the yard. It’s unsanitary to leave it where you or the kids may step in it, but that doesn’t mean you look forward to spending your precious free time hunting it down and picking it up. That’s why you need a dog poop pickup service. We are happy to handle this foul chore, so you can do more enjoyable things in your free time.

Avoid the Smell
The weather in Perland can get hot, and that heat brings out the odor of piles of dog poop. While a single dropping in the yard may not smell too bad, it still looks awful. When you put it in a bag with other presents and toss is in the trash, it won’t take long for the garbage to start stinking. A vile smell drifting to the patio area from your trashcans will take all the fun out of your barbecues, and it can create tension between you and the neighbors. We actually remove the gathered feces from the property completely, so you won’t have to worry about the odor.

No More Scrubbing Your Feet
There’s nothing quite like stepping in a pile of poop with bare feet. As unhappy as this is, cleaning it off your shoes can be even more difficult. At least when it’s on your feet, you realize it right away and don’t track it through the house. With our services, you can avoid this misery. You will still have to watch where you walk in between our visits, but your yard will not become littered with piles because we will visit frequently to clean it.

Safe and Sanitary
It’s true that wild animals poop in the woods and nobody cleans that up, but your children aren’t out in the woods playing in the dirt, rolling in the grass and running barefoot to the swing set. If you have random piles of feces, then your children are at risk for diarrhea caused by campylobacteriosis, flu-like misery from salmonellosis, dysentery, hepatitis, toxocarisis and various types of worms. You may think it will break down into fertilizer, but dog feces is not the equivalent of cow pies in this way. Protect your family from illness by trusting us to patrol the yard and keep the poop cleaned up.

There are countless benefits to hiring a dog poop pickup service. Your yard will benefit, your family will be healthier and you won’t have to worry about the obnoxious odor. You may wonder if it’s worth the fee, but you just have to ask yourself what your time is worth. Your time is valuable, and you’d probably rather spend the precious few free hours you have playing with the kids, enjoying a hobby or doing almost anything other than going on poop patrol.

Pet Waste Eliminator Pearland Scoops Poop Award

animal_love_1Millions of pet lovers know the importance of keeping their pets happy, but pet owners also need to understand how to keep their neighbors happy. Leaving dog waste lying around is guaranteed to literally get up your neighbor’s nose. If you struggle to promptly clean up your pet’s waste, you may want to get somebody else to do it for you. If you need a pet waste eliminator Pearland residents, local authorities, and commercial outlets can call Doodycalls.

Doodycalls is a Houston based company that specializes in cleaning up after your dog does its doody. The company can make sure your lawn or yard is kept clean, eliminating safety risks to your children and others who share the space.

To keep your yard or lawn in good condition, the company can arrange an affordable service plan for you. You can decide to have the area cleaned at regular intervals. The more pets you have, the shorter the intervals should be.

Unlike some pet waste eliminators, Doodycalls do not leave the cleaned waste at your property. Everything they bag is removed and disposed of properly. The company also makes sure that all equipment is cleaned after every use. That protects your pets from infectious diseases that may be carried in pet waste.

Dog waste often carries harmful parasites, worms and bacteria that can affect the health of humans, as well as other animals. When we fail to clean up dog waste, we increase the risks of those parasites, worms or bacteria infecting people.

Some of the parasites, such as roundworm, can migrate from dog waste into the underlying soil, and they can stay alive there for years before they get into another animal or human host.

They can also be washed into sources of drinking water through soakage. Every time it rains, some of the waste will be washed away, but the worms, parasites or bacteria in the waste will thrive in the damp conditions.

Any pools that form near the poop can provide an ideal home for the unpleasant living organisms in the poop. They will continue to grow in the pools, and those pools often become the source of a quick drink for other pets.

Apart from the health risks, pet waste looks unsightly. If it is not cleared up quickly, it begins to give off a very unpleasant smell, especially in warm weather. That can lead to difficulties with the neighbors and passers-by. You may even find yourself liable to fines if you do not clean your pet waste.

Even though your pets create the waste, they do not like being exposed to it any more than people do. Cats will try to bury their waste, while dogs will try to poop as far away from their feed bowls as possible. Pets are happier when their outdoor areas are poop-free and clean.

So, if you have problems managing your pet poops, why not let us show you how good our service is. We have testimonials from hundreds of satisfied customers. We try hard to make our service stand way above similar services offered by others.


Rottweiler Breed

The breed’s history likely dates to the Roman Empire. It is likely that the Rottweiler is a descendant of ancient Roman drover dogs, a mastiff-type dog that was a dependable, rugged dog with great intelligence and guarding instincts. During their quest to conquer Europe, the Roman legion traveled in large numbers across the continent. The non-existence of refrigeration meant the soldiers had to bring herds of cattle with them on their excursions for food. These drover dogs were not only used to keep the herds of cattle together, but to guard the supply stock at night. Around 74 A.D. the Roman army travelled across the alps and into the southern part of modern day Germany. For the next two centuries the Roman drover dogs were continually utilized in herding and driving cattle for trade even after the Romans were driven out of the area by the Swabians.[Source]