Do You Need Pet Waste Stations Kehma?

If you own or manage a community where people and pets co-habitate, you most likely need to take a look at what pet waste stations Kehma can provide to your community. The fact is that most dog owners love to take their dogs outdoors on walks, and dogs inevitably leave a little surprise here and there while outdoors. Waste stations are appropriate and practical for most communities, and so you do want to take a closer look at what they can offer you.

What Are They?
Such pet waste stations are essentially centers for pet owners that are placed outdoors in strategic, high traffic locations. They have a sign that reminds pet owners to pick up their doggy waste as well as disposable bags and a trash receptacle all in one location, too. They are ideal for apartment communities that accept dogs in their units, as well as town home communities, condo communities, and even residential communities and particularly those with on-site walking trails.

What Do They Do?
Pet waste stations serve multiple purposes for your community. First, they serve as a reminder for dog owners to pick up after their pets and help to instill a sense of community in those who walk by the sign. Then they offer dog owners with the supplies necessary to keep the community clean. Many pet owners do have their own waste bags they carry with them, but sometimes they can forget to grab one before they head out. Other times their dog may go a bit more than they thought, and they may run out en route, so having a bag supply is beneficial. Then this station provides pet owners with a safe, secure disposal location that is designed to keep bugs and other critters out.

Making the Decision
When you consider the many benefits that are present when you make the decision to use pet waste stations Kehma, you will likely decide, as so many other community owners and managers have, that this is a small addition to your community that can really add a lot of benefit. The benefit of a cleaner community is one that is enjoyed not only by dog owners but by all who enjoy spending time outdoors in your community, too. When you consider the benefits such a station provides, you will see that this is an easy decision to make indeed.

After you have made the decision to use a pet waste station in your community, your next task is to pick out a model and have it installed. When you engage the services of DoodyCalls, you will get turnkey service that includes helping you choose the best model and location for your station and ensuring that the location meets ADA guidelines, too. Then, after the station is installed, you can contact DoodyCalls on a regular basis to keep the station supplied with the bags your station needs, too. If you are like most, you will find that installing a dog waste station in your community is something you wish you’d done months or even years ago!

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