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Dog Breed Information – Hound Class

When people think of hound dogs, the beagle usually comes to mind. But all manner of hunting dogs fit into the category of hound dogs. If they hunt by smell, sight, or both they are considered a hound.  These types of dogs actually make for some of the best companions because they are a very energetic and often rambunctious dog. You will find that while they are a lot of fun to play with and be around, they are still by nature hunters and will at times be on the hunt, so often require a penned-in yard. They will at the very least need to be kept on a leash when out in public. Because of their hunting nature, leaving them alone with small animals is often not recommended.  You will find that no matter what sort of dog you want, there is a breed of hound dog that will be perfect for you.

Being one of the oldest breeds, hound dogs were used primarily for hunting.  Even today the ancestors of those dogs still carry on with the trademark qualities that made them such good hunters. An amazing sense of smell, phenomenal sight and incredible speed are common qualities you will find in most hound dogs. The breed is broken down into three major categories:  Sighthounds, Smellhounds, and Spitz breeds; the category your hound will fall into will be dependent on the primary sense used to hunt with. Natural leaders, a hound dog is often the one leading the hunt and guiding the hunters to the prey; this trait can still be seen in today’s very independent hounds.

Other traits they’ve inherited from their ancestors include being physically strong and very sturdy animals.  The incredible sight or smell will vary between individual dogs. The great stamina has also been passed down from; the long time they’d spend hunting has lead to them being extremely energetic. The bark of the animal is also unique and a technique that was developed from the hunt. The unique bark known as baying was used by the animal to alert the hunters that they had pinned their prey. These are the only commonalities you will find across the breed, as they come in any number of shapes, sizes, and colors.

Whether you go with the common beagle or one of the other breeds like a greyhound, bloodhound, or coonhound, you will find a loving and energetic pet that is a lot of fun to play with. The hound dogs are rambunctious leaders who will constantly keep you on your toes and give you a loving companion that you will take pleasure in having around. You need to be careful with what breed of hound dog you get as some of them are pack animals and enjoy the company of others, while extremely headstrong ones will be very resistant to being trained. Taking the time to research the many types of hound dog is recommended before choosing one, because at times the individual dogs can feel like separate breeds entirely.

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