Toy Dogs

Dog Breed Information – Toy Class

The art of breeding dogs with the sole purpose of breeding smaller versions of certain breeds, is a practice that dates back to ancient times, when people believed these small dogs to be great symbols of wealth and prosperity.  They were used as guard dogs, companions, and as a means to keep fleas off of their human families.  Some of these smaller breeds were bred to serve specific functions, such as hunting mice and rats, or smaller game animals.

Whatever their original purpose, these feisty little canines have grown in popularity over the past several years.  Several reasons may be attributed to this sudden rise in popularity.  One of the reasons is that more and more celebrities have been seen toting their small companions in carriers, doggie strollers, and even in their arms.  Paris Hilton’s little pooch is an example that caused an increase in the purchase of Chihuahuas in the United States.  Unfortunately, people do not always do their research before buying these animals, and do not understand how much care is required to own one.  This also led to a large population of unwanted dogs.  Fortunately, there is a huge demand for these pets, and there has been a huge effort by volunteers to get these dogs adopted and placed into homes all across America.

The term “Toy” is not meant to mislead you into thinking that these dogs do not require food, water, discipline, attention, or love.  It is meant to place these tiny versions of larger breeds into a category recognized by the registries.  That being said, you should always do your research when considering a smaller dog purchase.  There are a number of resources out there to help guide you.  The Internet is full of dog related articles on temperament, health, and the needs of all types of dogs.  It is also the responsibility of any breeder to be sure that a potential owner be completely informed, and if this does not occur, you should find another breeder.

Smaller dogs can be convenient if you live in an apartment or condo, but not every small dog can live the apartment life.  Some small dogs need to be run and exercised daily, while others enjoy a serene lifestyle and mange to adjust.  If you do not do your research, you could end up with a dog that has some serious anxiety and behavioral issues.  You will save yourself a lot of headaches and heartaches, if you can figure out which small dog will fit you best.

Some of the most popular small breeds are the Chihuahua, the Miniature Pinscher, the Toy Poodle, the Pug, the Pekingese, and the Japanese Chin.  These are only a small number of the breeds available, just watch or attend the next dog show in town.  Talk to some breeders, and the people who own them.  Ask them what these dogs are like.  Are they good with children, are they family dogs or one owner type dogs, do they need lots of exercise or attention?  The list goes on and on.

There is no doubt that Toy Dogs are here to stay.  They have been around since the ancient times, and they just keep getting smaller.  They can be a great addition to any family if you choose your breed wisely.

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