Don’t Let Your Place Go To Dogs!

Does your backyard look more like a barnyard than it should? If you have pets you have doubtless noticed that they generate solid waste products on a regular basis. Poop scooper houston can save the day and your backyard. The average dog answers a call of nature two or three times every day including weekends and holidays. If you do the math on the doo-doo piling up in your yard you will find that the cleanup involves from fourteen to twenty-one clusters a week. You will need higher boots if you wait a month to clean it up because you will be facing between sixty and ninety piles a month. That is a lot of poo! You might be able to talk your spouse or children into cleaning it up, but that could lead to mutiny and a visit from the police department. Or, you could do it yourself. There are a full range of products to help you. You will need protective gloves and bags. There are some specially designed products available at the better pet stores. You will also need some hand tools. These are available in a wide variety of designs, materials and price ranges. The classic “pooper scooper” has a metal working end which resembles a mail box with the top removed. The flat edge of the scoop facilitates the removal of poo from open ground, pavement or short grass. Taller grass and stickier poo can defeat even this most classic of designs. You may have to use your protective gloves or resort to a different type of tool. Three alternative configurations of tools exist which might help. The first looks like a rake with a long handle. It is often effective in longer grass where the conventional scoop bogs down. The second looks like a hoe except for its angled working edge. It can pry up tar-like piles that cling to the ground. The third type has two handles and employs a scissor-like action similar to that used on manual post-hole diggers. This allows the operator to direct a considerable amount of force to the dump site. Tools of this type, however, are heavier, more complex, less portable and more expensive than the other types. All of these tools would be difficult to carry if your walking your dog away from your property. Disposable gloves and bags are available for cleanup under those circumstances. Cleanup is important not only for looks but for health. Leaving those piles of poo out in your yard will not help fertilize it. In fact, it may cause discolored patches and it can also attract flies and other pests all of which can pose health problems. The clusters of dog doo can also contain parasites such as tape worms, round worms, hook worms and whip worms. These can infect other pets as well as posing health threats to humans. These range from diarrhea caused by exposure to camplobacteriosis to birth defects if a pregnant woman is exposed to toxoplasmosis. Fortunately, help is available from poop scooper of houston. There are reliable professional services which can clean all that dog doo up for you and spare you aggravation of trying to bully your spouse or kids into doing it. These professionals also bring their own tools with them saving you a lot of money and storage headaches. Don’t let your place look like it’s going to the dogs. Call in the professionals.

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