Doody Calls: Best Pet Waste Removal in Kehma

Doody Calls is a dog poop pickup service in Kehma. While it might seem a trivial matter, cleaning up after your pooch is serious business. We don’t realize how much until we see our backyards or lawns, realizing the task has been neglected. Then it’s a chore you may not have time for. That’s where we come in. Doody Calls in Kehma is on the call for:

Residential pet waste removal
Commercial (apartments, HOA’s, parks) pet waste and litter removal
Community audits
Pet waste management products (waste bags, pet waste stations, signage)

Doody Calls gives its customers and communities the room to focus on important things. We’ll go out there and, yes, get our hands dirty. We know clean up is a nuisance. It’s also a necessity. Not doing so is a health hazard. Your dog’s droppings can create many potential threats. Do you walk around barefoot in your own yard? Many do. Do your kids play out there? If your dog’s feces have infected the area, there is the possibility of passing those contaminants to you.

A dog that’s suffering from roundworm will leave behind infected droppings. The eggs have the potential to hatch for years. Pet waste has also been associated with elevated levels of streptococci bacterial pollution and coliform. They’re known to contribute to the corruption of nearby ponds and lakes, and the killing of sea life.

If children play in the yard, it should be as sanitary as possible. Long term exposure to the fumes — even if you can’t smell it — is not healthy. Kids play in dirt and run around with an innocent recklessness. Stepping in stuff and tracking it in the house. If one comes in contact with infected soil or aged feces, it can get into the eyes or mouth.

Doody Calls has a network of professionals that are fully licensed and insured. It may sound crazy, but it’s true. We are trained to effectively and efficiently remove pet waste, making our homes and communities in Kehma clean, safe and fun.

Outside of health issues, there are other benefits to utilizing Doody Calls.

Stop Fighting Over It
No one wants to do it. If there’s more than one pet, it gets pretty rank. It’s easy to send the kids, but they won’t be thorough. Doody Calls will inspect every corner and hole, properly removing waste.

No Dirty Tools
There may be tools that perform the job, but they get dirty and can develop contaminates we don’t want on the property. Best to let a pet waste removal team make sure no such ever happens on your property.

Protect Trashcans
The idea of effectively removing pet waste isn’t as easy as it sounds. If it sits in your trashcans, you open up the possibilities of contamination that we want to avoid. The smell can linger long after the garbage has been picked up.


Do yourself, your family, your home and the Kehma community a service. Let Doody Calls help keep your property clean in the best manner possible. Contact us today!

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