Doody Calls Pet Waste Removal Service

Have you ever been getting ready for an event in your yard and realized that it might not be as clean as you hoped?  Have you ever not had time to make sure your area is stunning for guests?  Do you live in the Houston or Kehma area?  There is a great service available to you that you may not have heard of:  Doody Calls.  They are this great local company from your community that is hear to help you with your doody needs.  They can help you with all your needs whether it be a weekly or biweekly visit or a quick emergency clean up before that neighborhood barbecue you’re having tomorrow.  This is the business for you.  This couple will never leave your gate open and will make sure to let you know when they have been by to clean the yard so that you know that you’re loved ones are safe.  They have been licensed, bonded, and insured so that you know that this is a name that you can trust.  They also disinfect dog runs and kennels, however, they are not able to do yards yet as there isn’t anything that can penetrate that kind of surface and want to make sure that they are providing the safest environment for your pets.  They also use an EPA approved  parvocide and disinfectant to make sure that they are not transmitting any diseases around your yard.  They also take care of all the waste that they collected, when you are one of their residential customers, and dispose of the product for you so that you don’t have to worry about it.  As a customer you get to join the Customer Advantage Program where you will receive discounts and other advantages at local merchants.
Their website,, is also a great source to find local dog parks and different tips on how to take care of your pets.  They also have an area to check out the other breeds.  A page that could be fun to look over with your children.
They also have a community service in case your walking down the street with your dog and realize that there is an extensive amount of doody on the ground.  Their doody specialists will come out to your community and clean it up.  They also sell and service pet waste stations so that no one in the community has to worry about whose doggy doody that was and you still have a clean and pleasant neighborhood.  They clean and deodorize the area when needed and will help implement a dog park in the are.  Not only is this company going to help clean up your community but they will also help create a better community for your four-legged friends.  When thinking about my dog I want to make sure that she is taken care of and also I want to make sure that my yard is clean and well maintained, however, I don’t always have the time and that is when I rely on Doody Calls for my pet waste removal needs.  Think pet waste removal kehma.

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