DoodyCalls, the Premiere Dog Poop Pickup Service in Bellaire

Have you ever nagged your kids about cleaning up the dog poop in your yard? Or maybe you’ve put it off because you were tired or busy. Many pet owners depend upon DoodyCalls to ease the stress. Decaying dog waste is an aesthetic problem and a health risk. Animal waste potentially contains diseases, parasites and other contaminates. When a person tracks it into the home, it not only may stain carpets and upholstery, but it also breeds germs.

DoodyCalls offers different levels of service. Set up a regular schedule, such as twice a week, weekly or monthly, or set up a custom schedule. Sometimes clients need a onetime service, such as for a lawn party, wedding or family gathering. Other clients hire us to maintain a clean lawn for real estate open house dates. Dog poop strewn in the yard decreases a home’s real estate value.

Managers of condos, homeowner associations and other facilities that share a lawn area hire DoodyCalls to eliminate the dog poop problem. Dog poop is not only a health risk, but it can lower the value of the facility. Residents appreciate the professionalism of our staff. Our uniformed, licensed and insured scoopers arrive in a DoodyCalls vehicle, perform their duties efficiently and maintain professional throughout their visit.

Payment is simple. Our scoopers leave either a door hanger or an invoice after each visit so that you know they scooped the pet’s poop that day. We can bill you through snail mail or email or charge it to a credit card. Give us a call if you want to suspend the service or stop it completely. We are flexible and work with pet owners when they are on vacation or need to suspend the service for other reasons.

We maintain a professional level of service that you rarely find in other pet poop removal services. We sanitize our shoes and equipment to prevent cross-contamination. We use only EPA approved disinfectants, including a parvocide. We do not offer a yard sanitation service because we do not want to waste our clients’ money on products that do not work. In our experience, we found that lawn sanitation is not effective.

Unlike other services in the Bellaire area, we try to send out the same scooper each time. We want our scoopers to build a relationship with your pet. This reduces the stress on the pet. We promise to secure any gate or door so that your pets and children cannot slip out. Another key difference between our competitors and us is that we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are dissatisfied, call us within 24 hours and we will clean your yard without charge for the second trip.

One of our unique services is the DoodyCalls Customer Advantage Program. This is an assortment of discounts, such as coupons from merchants like and We choose merchants who can make your life easier or save you time so you have more time to play with your pet.

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