Houston Based Dog Poop Pickup Service

DoodyCalls is a premier, industry leader in pet waste management services. We have been serving residential homeowners, communities, apartments, condominiums and homeowners associations in the greater Houston area since 2006. We are insured, licensed and bonded.

Our clients need our services because they are conscious that dog waste is a problem and because its proper removal and disposal is important to them. Dog waste is smelly and unsightly. In addition, it is a health concern because it can carry worms and diseases that man affect humans, pets and the environment.

DoodyCalls dog poop pickup service works with our commercial clients to help them with the design and layout of pet waste stations so that the needs of the residents and visitors with pets can be easily met. In order to do that, we ensure that stations are located in high traffic areas, that they are properly positioned and secured in concrete and that they are equipped with liners and doggie waste bags. All of our stations meet the American Disability Act, ADA, guidelines.

Our services do not stop with the design and installation of pet waste stations. We visit the commercial or residential property on a schedule that is prearranged, generally once or twice a week. During those visits, we clean stations, if present, locate poop on the grounds or in the yard, scoop it up and bag it then haul it away. We also disinfect kennels and dog runs. Once that is completed, we leave a community work order indicating we were there, or we can leave a “services completed” door hanger. The choice is up to you.

Our shoes and equipment are sanitized with provocide and disinfectant that has been EPA approved to avoid the spread of any diseases from one home or community to another. We are completely serious about safely keeping your yard and grounds clean.

Our friendly, professional DoodyCalls “Scoopers” are uniformed and their vehicles are clearly marked with the DoodyCalls logo. We send the same scooper on each visit as often as possible so that we can build a relationship with you and your pets. The scooper will ensure that any gates that they open are closed securely, both when they come and when they go. Your pets’ safety is important to us.

We offer a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee. If for any reason you are not happy with our services, we will return within 24 hours and re-clean your yard or grounds. Although this rarely occurs, mistakes do happen.

We are the premier poop pickup service in the Houston, Texas, area. No other service can compare with our dedication, attention to detail and our reliability. DoodyCalls flexible, affordable plans are helping our residential and commercial clients all over Houston and in surrounding areas. We are currently expanding so; if you are in need of poop pickup services, give us a call.

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