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We all love our pets. They make up an irreplaceable bond of companionship in our lives, one of sincerity and trust. Needless to say, however, as attached as we may be, we don’t always particularly enjoy the responsibilities tied to pet care—such as cleaning up after our canine counterparts. Among pooper scooper services in Houston, DoodyCalls hands down provides the most versatile and dependable services to achieve maximum cleanliness for pets and owners alike.

What makes us stand out from the average doggy clean-up crew? For one, we are very enthusiastic about our family-owned business, and as such we are dedicated to meeting the tailored needs of each and every customer. DoodyCalls will visit your property at a set interval—once a week, for example—that is most convenient to you and will rid it of loose litter and poop. We will not dispose of it on site, but rather we will take away the collected waste, so that customers not once have to deal with it. Our experienced, licensed pooper scoopers work year round, under virtually any weather condition. Client relationships are immensely important to us, and so we will try to send to you the same employee consistently. We will be friendly and mindful of your needs, being sure to close all gates, to be in uniform, and to leave notice on your door that we have visited that day.

This is only a portion of the services we offer. We also work to guarantee the sanitation of communities such as apartment complexes, and we frequently work for homeowners associations in addition to individuals. Not only do we remove waste from our designated sites, but we offer services in cleaning and deodorizing specific areas, changing cat litter pans, installing and servicing pet waste stations, and even working with management in planning the construction of dog parks. It is very important to us to provide for an environment that is safe and clean, since waste left unattended can enable the spread of disease, lower the value of real estate, and attract pests such as flies and rats.

Our pet stations are especially advantageous to community cleanliness. Often, pet owners are negligent about cleaning up after their hounds, due to lack of convenience. Even when other pooper scooper agencies or residents attempt to set up designated waste bins, the stations are often not reliable in terms of what they provide and how sanitary they are. DoodyCalls covers all its bases in its pet station designs, offering a number of unique layouts, each providing a doggy bag dispenser, FDA approval, a lidded bin, signage, continual maintenance, and a stable base.

We at DoodyCalls work to offer the most adaptable and trustworthy pooper scooper services in not only the greater Houston area, but in surrounding areas as well. Our scope of service is constantly expanding, and we strive to be as flexible with customers as possible. Residential and commercial clients near Houston should not hesitate to phone us at will.

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