Live In A Clean And Odor-Free Neighborhood With Pet Waste Disposal Bunker Hill

People who enjoy pets have the unsanitary problem of cleaning up the waste left by their lovely dogs or cats. With pet waste disposal Bunker Hill, this poop problem can be easily scooped out of any area. Started operation in 2006, Houston Dog Doody has been serving the greater Houston Area including Bunker Hill with so many satisfied customers that can testify of their quality service. They have the complete waste management products solutions as well as waste removal services. Their mission The company is dedicated to becoming the trusted leader in pet waste disposal Bunker Hill. They offer their services to homeowners and neighborhoods that have problems with pet waste disposal. By taking care of this recurring problem, people can focus to the more important things in life. Pooper Scooper waste removal service Backed with 100% guaranteed satisfaction, clients are offered with the most thorough service of scooping wastes and removing other littered pet garbage. After the removal of waste, the cleaned area is deodorized to remove residual odor. Beyond the deodorizing service, the area is also disinfected to avoid possible spread of bacteria. The company prides itself of having professional and friendly technicians. They understand client needs very well and treats every cleanup mission with utmost attention to ensure quality of service. After cleanup advice and support are also provided as part of their post services. Residential rates Doody Calls are aimed towards residential home servicing. The rule of thumb in picking the right frequency of visits is to consider the number of pets being taken cared of in the house. This is based on the premise that more pets mean more waste. Aside from the scooping fee, additional expenses are incurred if the owner opts for the deodorizing service. Waste cleanup might leave obnoxious odors around the house so it is best to apply deodorants. Pet waste disposal system Bunker Hill uses natural deodorizing enzymes to keep the decks and patios sweet smelling. For clients thinking of deodorizing the area by on their own, they should consider the fact that certain odors are not easily eliminated by simple application of do-it-yourself deodorizers. By hiring professional services, they are assured that technicians will systematically apply disinfectants then special deodorizing agents to have that lasting effect. The Customer Advantage Program is automatically awarded to customers who employ the service. This is a collection of discounts in major pet stores and other participating outlets.

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