One Way To Fight Water Pollution: Properly Dispose Of Pet Waste

The EPA considers pet waste to be a serious environmental pollutant. This fact might sound strange to many. One never knows what surprises might be found while looking up dog service. According to — the website for Doody Calls of Houston, TX — the EPA considers dog excrement a serious concern. A quick visit to the EPA’s website confirms these claims.

According to the EPA’s article, “Pet Waste Management,” improperly disposing of pet waste threatens any bodies of water nearby. This is because not all storm drains are connected to sewage treatment plants. As a result, too much of a town’s doggie doo runs into lakes and rivers in too short of time. This causes “significant water pollution.”

Pet waste uses a lot of oxygen as it breaks down, and it sometimes releases ammonia. Taking too much oxygen out of the water and putting ammonia in it is very bad for wildlife that lives in water. The nutrients in pet waste that are good for the soil are not so great for the water. These nutrients promote growth of certain kinds of weeds and algae, disrupting nature’s balance even further. This can make water “unappealing or even unhealthy” to swim or boat in. Obviously, this can have economic and health consequences for locals. The EPA says the first step to changing this is awareness.

In that case, Doody Calls of Houston has done a great service by putting this information on their home page in an appealing, easy to read format. Their service removes pet waste from yards and public places, keeping it out of storm drains. This means they can offer a solution to the problem as well as telling us about it.

DoodyCalls is a family-owned business founded by Amy and Kelly Wise. The company has been licensed, bonded, and insured since 2006. The way it works is a uniformed “licensed and insured professional scooper” goes over your yard with a rake and bucket, removing pet waste and litter. Services are rendered once or twice a week as you wish. Doody Calls notes that gates will be closed and locked before, during, and after each visit.
They also offer special services for apartment communities and condos. These services include pet waste stations, doggie waste bags, cleaning and deoderizing special areas, and more. They will work with property managers to create and implement complete pet waste management plans and can assist in the planning of dog parks.

The company also boasts an impressive customer rewards program, offering discounts from other local merchants and services. Customers are enrolled in this program as soon as they become a customer of Doody Calls Houston.
Currently, Doody Calls serves the Houston metro area, River Oaks, Woodlands, Dickinson, Webster, Bellaire, West University, Pearland, Medical Center, Friendswood, Clear Lake, Tomball, Spring, Cypress, Sugarland, Katy, and others. However, they note that they are expanding their service area, so individuals outside these areas need not be discouraged from doing themselves and the environment this favor.

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