Pet Waste Disposal System Kehma Makes Pet Parents Happy

Homeowners, apartment managers and civic organizations realize that dog waste can make the living environment very unpleasant if not cleaned properly. No one wants to go for a walk where there is dog poop at every turn. Pet Waste Disposal Kehma takes pride in returning dirty backyards and apartment landscapes back into tidy places to walk and engage in recreational activities. The big difference between their business and similar businesses is the professional service they give to their customers.

This pet waste disposal service has been serving Houston and surrounding areas, since 2006. The owners’ goal from the beginning has been to develop a family business, which they take pride in managing. They are bonded, licensed and insured. They are serious about cleaning up pet waste, so families can have a hygienic place to entertain and enjoy activities. They never sanitize grassy areas with chemicals finding these treatments not to be effective or reason for any additional cost. They do sanitize dog runs and kennels were animals live. They clean equipment after every job to ensure pet diseases and parasites never travel from one place to the next. During a typical house call, trained technicians rake up fecal matter and scoop up litter waste, bag it and take it away. Before leaving they place a sign on the door to communicate, the lawns and home are thoroughly clean from waste. They double check to make sure all gates are latched and the animals are secure. They have a number of service contracts available for 2 times a week, every week or alternate weeks. They arrange schedules to meet they client’s needs. The convenient payments plans are billed to the customer’s credit card,sent through the mail or via email. Services can easily be stopped when not needed. They pride themselves on excellent referrals from their customers and return business. Their technicians generally go to the same residence for every service call. Pets can feel more comfortable greeting a familiar person each time. They are handy to help with an apartment complex or a homeowner’s yard any day of the year. When called they are prepared to help with any pet waste disposal situation.

Pet Waste Disposal in  Kehma does the job pet parents hate to do, leaving them the fun job of playing with their beloved pets. Veterinarians know a clean environment makes for a happier and healthier pet. Unclean yards can lead to parasitic infestations and disease. Homeowners, who love their pets and their families, can show they care by making sure their yards and home are clean and sanitary. Do not let a busy schedule or other excuses, become the reason a backyard or dog run is dirty and unhygienic. Call the company, which makes the dog waste their business. They give every customer a healthier place to call home.

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