Pet Waste Removal in Katy, TX Helps Pets and People be Healthy

Seventy-eight million pet dogs live in the U.S. We appreciate and love dogs but would rather spend time on something else instead of cleaning up after them. In our area, dogs are often kept in backyards. Picking up their smelly waste is not a fun thing to do after a hard day at work. Pet waste removal in Katy, TX is the perfect solution. DoodyCalls clean up after pets.

A dog eliminates waste in areas other than the owner’s own yard. Pet dogs eliminate waste on private property of neighbors, on private business properties and on public community spaces. Cleaning up after the dog is the owner’s responsibility, but sometimes the owners cannot take care of it. Time may be limited. Owners may be elderly or disabled and cannot perform the task.

Leaving dog waste on the ground is a health problem for dogs and people. If a healthy dog steps into infected waste, or if infected waste is brought inside on someone’s shoe, healthy dogs and people risk being infected. People or dogs can experience diarrhea, fever, headache, vomiting, loss of vision, rash and flatulence. Left on the ground, dog waste can pollute water. Our fully insured, licensed and bonded pet waste removal in Katy, TX helps pets and people be healthy.

We service companies and apartment complexes. Business customers and apartment residents appreciate walking without unexpectedly stepping into dog waste. We are not satisfied with one pass of the area. We go through two more times to be certain no waste was overlooked. Pet waste removal in Katy, TX leave the property looking clean, attractive and inviting. We guarantee 100 percent service satisfaction and dispose of the waste in a safe way.

DoodyCalls arrive whenever it fits your needs from one day to the next, weekly or longer intervals of time. Pet waste removal in Katy, TX experts arrive on time in white clean uniforms and sanitary shoe covers. We don’t mind if dogs are out when we arrive. We’ll keep them safe and close the gate when we leave.

DoodyCalls keep residential, commercial and community properties a safe, clean and fun outdoor living space. Children play in safety. Back yard barbecues and cocktail parties are worry-free. Schedule a clean-up before social events to avoid the possibility of a special guest, client, friends, family or yourself from stepping into dog waste.

Our pet removal service is outstanding. We do more than simply remove pet waste according to a maintenance schedule. Pet waste can damage lawns. Pet waste removal in Katy, TX offers safe products to bring yards back to a healthy and clean state. Post our signs to let everyone know if walking pets close by, or on, your property is acceptable. Install pet waste stations and waste bags along areas where dog pet owners can freely walk pets.

Pet waste removal in Katy, TX is reliable, affordable, love dogs and will clean up after your pet. That frees time for you to do something else. We provide a sanitary environment for children, homeowners, apartment residents, business customers and pets.

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