Pet Waste Removal Services

The Humane Society of the United States indicates that there are just over 78 million dogs who live with their human owners. About four out of 10 homes have a dog. Many have more than one. That is a lot of dogs to clean up after every single day. DoodyCalls provides pet waste removal in Houston, Texas. This service is just as popular here as it is in other parts of the country.

We provide full cleanup and removal services of pet waste in the Houston, Texas area for homes, apartment buildings, home owner’s associations (HOAs), businesses and governmental owned facilities such as parks and recreation areas. We also install cleanup stations for public use. A cleanup station is a metal container that holds plastic bags for owners to pick up dog waste along with a metal waste container. Each station has a sign to indicate its purpose. Waste stations are great for use in parks and planted area in cities and towns as well as retail parking lots and rest areas.

Rates are set per dog and how many pickups per week are needed. The size of the dog is not considered. Enzymatic deodorizing services are also available. A safe deodorizer is used that will completely remove pet waste odor on outdoor surfaces such as porches, decks, patios, driveways and sidewalks. We also provide services for cat owners.

Anyone who owns a dog has had the misfortune of accidentally stepping into the little presents they leave behind every day. Busy schedules also delay picking up waste or thoroughly cleaning the areas where it is left. Pet waste attracts flies and other insects making the problem worse. Regular and thorough cleaning and removal of pet waste is a necessity for any dog owner. We make it easy by doing all of the work for you.

Park managers, building superintendents and home owner’s association leaders are well aware of the problem of pet waste. A sign warning about cleaning up after pets is not effective. Installing pet cleanup stations that make it easy for pet owners to comply is a very effective means of controlling pet waste problems in public areas. Rather than banning pets from a public area, make it easy for pet owners to clean up after them by installing a pet cleanup station.

Our stations are compliant with the American’s with Disabilities Act. They are made of metal and come with an attached and covered waste receptacle. The waste cleanup bags are mitt style. We have several styles of waste stations and all of them come with a waste bag dispenser.

We service residential homes that have any number of dogs or cats. Each client’s needs are considered. We adapt to what you need us to do when it comes to cleaning up after your pets. Our commercial and governmental services are unmatched in the industry. Our waste cleanup stations are sturdier and more effective than competing brands. Some brands do not even provide cleanup bags. They are nothing more than an open trash can with a sign. Our stations are full service with cleanup bags and covered waste receptacles. If you want the best in pet waste removal in the Houston, Texas area, contact DoodyCalls for more information.

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