Pet Waste Stations in Woodlands, TX

Communities in the Woodlands, TX area may want to take advantage of our high-quality pet waste stations. At Houston Dog Doody, we make it our mission to provide pet owners with the very best in poop scooping services and waste station products. While your community or neighborhood may already have a can to dispose of pet waste in while taking a walk around the block, it may not be very safe or reliable. Sometimes, you may end up coming across a can with no lid, no bags available or that’s simply falling apart, making it rather useless for your needs. By installing a Houston Dog Doody pet waste station in your neighborhood, you will be getting the very best, top of the line product that meets all safety standards, comes fully stocked and is properly secured into the ground. Best of all, these stations are available for all budgets.

Our Pet Waste Station Features
Each of our pet waste station products are a little bit different from each other, but all provide some of the same features. This includes an all aluminum body, heavy steel post, waste bag dispenser, rust free waste can with lid and a pet waste sign. Each and every waste station comes fully equipped with a can liner and waste bags for pet owners’ doggy doo-doos. These waste stations are available in two different dispenser styles. This includes roll bag dispensers and mitt bag dispensers. Roll bags are simple bags that can be used for throwing away waste while mitts can be put onto your hand for easier pick-up and removal. Higher-end waste stations feature a unique design with a locking lid and sealed chute for disposal. This sealed chute is designed to prevent odors, pests and insects.

Houston Dog Doody is the Best Choice
Here are Houston Dog Doody, we are the best choice in pet waste stations. We work with all homeowners associations, managers and property owners to find the best waste station, design and budget that meets their needs. We will install these stations in areas that see the most foot traffic and ensure that they will be secured into the ground by using concrete. With these waste bins, there’s no more worrying about them falling over or not doing the job that they are designed to do.

The Houston Dog Doody Difference
While other competitors claim to offer high-quality pet waste stations, we guarantee that ours are truly the best around. What sets us apart from the rest is not only our eco-friendly, effective design scheme and installation process, but also our DoodyCalls waste bags. By switching to our bags alone, you could be saving anywhere from 10$ to 66%. These bags are friendly for the earth and for your wallet. In just 12 months time, these bags will start biodegrading, leaving nothing behind in landfills across the country.

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