Puppy Pooper Problems Bringing You Down?

We’ve all been there before. You’re having a fine day in the backyard with family and friends and all of a sudden you step in an unpleasant little present that your dogie left for you. It’s unfortunate, but it comes with the territory of being a loving pet owner. But fret not, my friends. Thanks to the services of DoodyCalls, your pooper scooper problems are a thing of the past if you live in the greater Houston, TX area.

The Poopy Reality

Let’s be honest here. Dog poop can be a big problem for your family and property. Dog poop makes terrible fertilizer. It can actually discolor your beautiful green grass. The Environmental Protection Agency states that pet waste contains pathogens that can contaminate surface water. The dangers don’t end there, as the U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention states that pet waste may contain the eggs of nasty parasites like the roundworm and the hookworm that can infect your family or friends if they come in contact with hazardous poop. If you thought just having a stinky shoe sole was the extent of your personal problems you should definitely think again. Thank goodness the professionals of DoodyCalls are there to save the day!

Keeping Your Hands Clean

With DoodyCalls on the job, you’ll never have to scoop that poop again. Whether you’re a homeowner or manage a commercial community, this fully licensed, bonded, and insured company will arrive on your property with all necessary disposal tools in hand to do what they must to ensure that your lawn is free and clear of pet poop and loose litter. They’ll even leave you a door hanger or work order form indicating that your property has officially been de-pooped for the day.

At the Drop of a Poop

Scheduling is not a problem for this friendly group of poop removers. They’re ready to serve your needs 365 days a year whether your pet’s poop output requires attention once or twice a week, every other week, or even just a one-time cleaning. And don’t be afraid to let your dogs out to say hello! The staff of DoodyCalls loves hearing a friendly bark from their furry customers. And they’ll always remember to close the gate.

The Yard is Yours Again

It’s nice to have a yard. It can be a great place for the kid’s overnight camp-out, allowing you to keep a watchful eye on them. It can be the perfect spot for your daughter’s wedding. It can provide the backdrop for a magical date night, as you lay in a hammock with your significant other, bottle of wine in hand. But it can be ruined by those stinky little landmines your faithful dogie left. Reclaim what is rightfully yours by contacting DoodyCalls for your poop removal needs. They’ll do the job so you won’t have to. And when they’re done, your friends, your family, your neighbors, your dog, and your shoes will all owe you thanks.

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