Residential Scoop Rate

Doody Calls Residential Rates

Our pricing is very economical starting on a per week based on one dog and one visit per week. Dog size is not a factor in determining price and we charge extra for the initial cleaning. Please call today for your free quote!

Additional Residential Services

Deodorizing Service

DoodyCalls will apply a natural deodorizing enzyme to any patios and decks that acquire an off odor due to use by animals. Our cleaner is safe for pets and will not harm your patio or decks. Several treatments may be necessary to completely remove any odor.

Kitty Litter Service

DoodyCalls offers kitty litter service also. You will need to scoop the kitty waste daily, however, each week we will exchange your cat’s dirty litter box with a clean one.

Contact us to discuss specifics and obtain quote
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