The Benefits of Dog Poop Pickup Service in Perland

There are many benefits to hiring a dog poop service in Perland. Dogs leave an incredible amount of waste in your yard, and you don’t always have time to pick it up. With our service, you don’t have to do the work yourself. You can let us handle the dirty chore while you do something you really enjoy. Here are a few of the reasons why we are the right choice.

Stop Fighting with the Kids Over the Chore
The dog’s a family pet, but you don’t have time to clean up all the poop. If you have more than one pet, the piles can take over the yard. It’s reasonable to want the kids to do the work, but they aren’t very thorough. They’re focused on the other things they could be doing. Rather than spending time nagging the kids to deal with it, you can just let us take care of the piles of dog poop. We will inspect every corner of the yard to ensure all the poop is properly removed.

Avoid Dirty Tools on the Property
When you do the chore yourself, the tools you use will become covered in dog poop. They need to be cleaned afterward, and that takes even more time. If the tools aren’t cleaned, they will start to smell or even rust. Bacteria in the feces will remain on dirty tools and can be spread through the property. We clean and disinfect our tools after every job, so you can trust that the bacteria in the poop will leave your property once and for all.

Don’t Ruin your Trashcans
One of the challenges with doggy waste removal is taking the waste away from the property. Left in the trashcan, the feces will start to stink. Your property can start to smell, and the smell will remain long after the garbage is picked up. When you invest in our services, the poop isn’t left in your trash cans. We take it with us, so you won’t have to worry about your trash making your property smell like a sewer plant.

Prompt Service Keeps the Property Healthy and Safe
You love your dog, but the dog poop is filled with bacteria. The longer it sits in the yard, the more likely it is to be tracked into your home. More importantly, mice and parasites that are drawn to feces won’t feel compelled to visit your property. Rain washing over the poop and running into local water sources spreads the contamination. Prompt removal on a weekly or bi-weekly basis keeps your property safe, and we are happy to provide you with those services.

We love animals, and we will treat your dogs and cats with the love and respect they deserve. Passionate about caring for animals and helping you keep your property clean, we will treat your home and pets like they are our own. We are focused on creating relationships with our customers as we provide an important service. If you are tired of picking up the dog poop or reminding the kids to do the chore, simplify your life by letting us take care of the dog doody removal for you.

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