The Health Benefits of Using a Pet Waste Removal Serivce

You love your four legged companion, there’s no doubt about it. But, even responsible pet owners admit that one drawback to having a pet is waste removal. The average dog (depending upon diet of course) eliminates three to six times per day. That’s about 1,095 to 2,160 times per year for a dog alone! Cats can have half that amount and up to twice as many visits to the litter box. Having DoodyCalls, the premier pooper scooper Houston business, take care of your waste removal needs would be healthier for your pet, your family, and the environment. Let’s take a look at the benefits of a pet waste removal service and what we can do for you.

Why take advantage of DoodyCalls pet waste removal service?
• The more people use our service, the less chance there is of people and pets in the community catching diseases and parasites
• Creates a clean environment for pets and children that play
• Pets are more likely to eliminate quickly if their area is free of waste
• Pet waste is a health concern as is carries diseases and parasites
• Waste is disposed of in an ecologically friendly way
• Surrounding areas can be deodorized
• Saves you time

How our company provides service
After contacting us, having a consultation, and choosing a service plan that fits your pet’s needs, a licensed and insured technician will begin servicing your residence. The technician will meticulously clean all areas requiring waste removal. If you need your litter serviced, first remove all solids and we will exchange your soiled litter for a fresh box. For residential clients, we will take the waste with us and dispose of it properly. You also have the option of having any decks, patios, or walk ways, kennels or dog runs cleaned and deodorized. No matter the option you choose, we guarantee that our tools and even our shoes have been disinfected before visiting and the same will be done after servicing your home. Notification will be left behind so that you know we have completed the work.

As far as apartment communities and HOAs are concerned, the initial process is pretty much the same. Technicians will thoroughly clean the common areas of your community. We can also put into service a waste management plan that can include the installation and servicing of pet waste stations. DoodyCalls can clean and deodorize particular areas, help with creating a dog park, and even work with your management team to promote conformity to the set standard.

Features and benefits
• Receive service from a licensed, bonded, insured technician
• We service residents, apartment communities and HOAs
• We disinfect our tools and shoes
• 100% guaranteed satisfaction
• One time clean up available
• Service 365 days a year
• No contract, ever

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