The Real Scoop on Dog Poop

Picture this: you return from a tiring day at work. You want to kick back and enjoy the rest of the evening. But what’s that stench wafting  from the backyard? Your dog has done his thing outside, as usual. That’s the good news because now you can take him into the house so the two of you can be couch potatoes in front of the TV for a while. It’s also the bad news because eventually you will have to deal with pooper scooper duties, which you have been avoiding for the past week. You wish there was someone who could dispose of this messy problem. DoodyCalls Premier Pet Waste Removal Service of Houston is that someone. Hire DoodyCalls and you and your furry friend can watch Animal Planet together without the unpleasant smell of pooch poop wafting through the air.

DoodyCalls is not only for dog lovers and dog owners; it provides a valuable service for companies who are located in dog walking zones. Many businesses these days back up to residential neighborhoods. Pet waste may not have been an issue when you set up your business. You might not even have thought about it until one day a client reported that she almost stepped in a big pile of poop on the walkway from the parking lot to your office. Then it became an issue almost instantly. You can turn it back into a non-issue just as fast with DoodyCalls Premier Pet Waste Removal Service. Not only will they clean up what was deposited by the dogs of residential neighbors but they can also help you take preventive measures by setting up ADA compliant Pet Waste Stations. Here the dog owner can get a poop bag so he can bag his dog’s offering before it becomes your problem. This saves hours of work doing it yourself. It will also help you maintain good public relations with the neighborhood and mark you as a caring individual, not only for humans but for the four-legged members of their families.

Apartment complex managers and Home Owner Association presidents also appreciate the helping hands of a poop scooping service. DoodyCalls is a bonded, certified and licensed pet waste removal company. Professional waste removal experts will arrive in their clean white uniforms and their sanitary shoe covers. Using their rakes and garbage bags they will soon have the common areas of the community free of poop. Maintenance personnel will not have to deal with lawn mowers and other equipment squishing through piles of droppings. DoodyCalls will even set up Sanitation Stations at convenient locations throughout the property so residents will be able to walk their dogs in the safety of the community and pick up after their own pets.

A poop-free community is one where people will get along with each other in a friendlier manner and dogs will be appreciated for the love and happiness they give their human moms and dads.

The Real Scoop on Dog Poop was last modified: February 12th, 2013 by Doody Calls