Top Notch Pet Waste Removal Services

It’s always great to have a pet around the house. Actually in quite a number of cases they are better company than humans. That being said, there is one particular issue about pets that is not very pleasant. You’ve probably already guessed it; yes we are talking about the rear business. There are many things in this world that we aren’t too sure of, for example, the future. However, one thing that we are completely certain of is the fact that your dog will poop and pee every day of the week. When this happens, it is your responsibility to clean up. As already stated, this is not pleasant at all. The good news is that, with our pet waste removal services, you will no longer have to take care of your pet’s business.

Regardless of where you live in Houston, Doody Calls is the company to call for all your pet poop needs. It might sound weird, but we are dog poop professionals. Let’s face it, dog poop is ugly, stinks and absolutely messy. Our company exists to ensure that you never have to worry about this problem ever again.

One of the most annoying things about pet waste is that it can be found pretty much anywhere. This is even truer if your pet is not well trained in that department and, therefore, does its business wherever. Our job is to get rid of all and any traces of this vile substance regardless of where it might be in your compound.

When you subscribe to our service, our well trained waste handlers will be making their way to your home every week to clean things out for you. You can benefit from our services for as little as 14 dollars per week. This charge applies to people with one dog needing the service once a week.

Doody Calls is different because to us, it’s not just about picking up poop, but also eliminating any unpleasant pet smells that might be lingering in your compound. This is achieved through our deodorizing service. Basically, the process involves applying a natural agent to specific spots around your home where pets are fond of frequenting. This effectively eliminates all odors making your backyard, patio etc a more pleasant place. It is worth noting that the cleaner we use is not toxic in any way and will therefore not harm your pets.

And it’s not just dog poop that we deal with. If you have a cat you can benefit from our kitty litter service. Under this service, we will be coming to your home every week, relieve you of your dirty litter box and give you a clean one. Simply put, you’ll never have to deal with the disposal of your cat’s poop.

At Doody Calls, we also offer a wide range of pet waste disposal stations to suit different budgets. Every single one of our products is of very high quality and, therefore, you never have to worry about breakdowns. If you choose our waste bags to go with these units, you could end up saving up to 60%. To say the least, you stand to benefit greatly from our company.

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