What One Should Know About Pet Waste Removal, Houston, TX:

Pet waste removal is very important; a pet owner who can not or would rather not remove pet waste from the yard on a regular basis should hire a pet waste removal company to clear out the pet waste from the yard. Pet waste, contrary to popular opinion, does not simply decompose. It poses a health hazard as it attracts flies and cockroaches. The waste seeps into the ground and can get into underground rivers and ponds. A family with children should make especially sure that the yard is free from pet waste as much as possible. Since most people have many important things to tend to and ensuring the back or front yard is free from pet waste is often not a top priority, one should seriously consider hiring a pet waste removal Houston TX company to handle this job. Pet waste removal companies can come on a one time or regular basis to remove the waste and leave the yard in tip top condition. One company that serves not only Houston but also the surrounding cities and suburbs is Doody Calls. This particular company offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee and provides both commercial and residential pet waste removal services. Doody Calls is a top pet waste removal company that is licensed and provides good quality services. The company does not overcharge for its services and does not use harmful chemicals, or any chemicals for that matter, to clean up the waste in the yard. This making the yard cleaning safe, as there is no chemical residue that can potentially harm pets or small children living in the house. The collected waste is taken and disposed of by the company, not left at the residential garbage dump, so one does not have to worry about the smell. As was noted above, the company guarantees satisfaction. A customer that is not satisfied with the services provided by Doody Calls can call the company within 24 hours and workers from the company will come back and clean the yard again. The company is on duty every single day of the year. How much pet waste removal will cost depends on how many pets are owned. Naturally, the more pets a household has, the more waste will need removal. Doody Calls has a very helpful chart on its website that outlines how much pet waste removal costs on a weekly, twice a week, biweekly or monthly basis. The company can also deodorize the yard, but this service is optional and costs a bit extra. Those looking for a good pet waste removal company in Houston, TX, should consider calling Doody Calls. The company provides a wide range of pet waste removal services at a reasonable price, is licensed and does good work. One can easily reach the company at a toll free number to make inquiries, set up an appointment, or make arrangements to have the yard cleaned on a regular basis. Remember that it is very important to ensure the yard is free from pet poop at all times; Doody Calls will help any pet owner in this endeavor.

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