Why Dog Parks Need Waste Removal

Dog parks are wonderful for anyone who owns a dog. It gives the dog a chance to exercise and socialize, but still in a controlled manner. These parks need to be well-maintained, though, and that usually means regular cleaning of dog waste. Below are just a few reasons why Houston dog parks need regular waste removal.

The Obvious

Everyone knows the big reason why having waste removal is necessary at a dog park – a huge gathering of dogs will always end up with a huge mess. In time, that mess can become smelly and unsanitary, ruining the park for everyone. A park that is regularly cleaned up by a good service does not run into such problems, allowing everyone to feel safe and comfortable at the park. Without a good dog service, the park would quickly become an area that dog owners and non-owners alike would avoid at all costs – even if the dogs might still be perfectly happy there.

Creating an Atmosphere

The human element is a major part of the dog park experience. While dog parks are certainly meant for dogs, people also use the time to socialize with other dog owners and enjoy a bit of time outside. If there is too much dog waste on the ground, though, that atmosphere is ruined. As there are numerous parks in the Houston area, most patrons will quickly move on if they know that a particular park is likely to be a bit too dirty. A good dog service can keep the ground clean and help to make sure that dog patrons keep coming back every week.

Dog Aggression

Dogs are not huge fans of having other dogs interfere with their “ownership” of a piece of property. When a dog defecates in an area, many other dogs may be attracted to that spot. This can create a zone of tension for the dogs, leading to more aggression and a less relaxed play space. If you want to give dogs a better chance to get along, the obvious solution is to make sure that the waste is taken away on a regular schedule. This will allow the dogs to mark their territory without leaving any permanent reminds of the act.

Health Codes

Of course, dog parks still need to be up to the usual health codes. In Houston, this means having dog leavings taken away on a regular basis. While most would hope that the owners of the dogs will bring bags (or even use the provided bags at the park), the truth of the matter is that many owners will not. Taking the time to make sure that a dog service comes by and removes the waste will allow the park to stay open longer and to comply with all city ordinances.

Dog parks with waste removal are great places to go to socialize for both dogs and their owners. Without this service, they are not quite so lovely. If you run a park in the Houston area, make sure to consider dog waste removal – it will certainly make your park a more pleasant place to visit.

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