Why You Need DoodyCalls

No one likes to step in anything that a dog leaves behind, but sometimes you just don’t have the time to clean up after your dog. That’s when DoodyCalls leaps into action. We don’t want you to ruin your shoes or avoid hosting outdoor parties because Fido went a little crazy in the yard. If you think that you don’t need us, take a look at why our customers call us again and again.

Take Back Your Lawn

If you have a single dog, the odds are good that you let your pet outside a few times every day. You might look at what your dog left behind and then glance at your tiny Chihuahua, wondering how he managed to store that much waste inside his little body. No matter what size your pet is, every time that it potties outside, you’re doing damage to your lawn. Those gray and brown spots will disappear when you use our services. Stop worrying about what your neighbors or relatives think, and call us to get rid of the waste.

Save Time

We know that Houston natives are busy people. Between working, taking care of your family and enjoying your personal time, you don’t have a lot of time to waste taking care of your lawn. We can help you save time and even give you back some of your precious free time by cleaning up after your dog. How nice would it be to come home from work and find a healthy green lawn waiting for you? With DoodyCalls, you can get that healthy lawn without lifting a finger.

Locally Owned and Operated

When you call DoodyCalls, you don’t need to worry that we won’t serve your needs. We offer services for all Houston residents. Both Kelly and Amy Wise live in Houston and run the company, and both are insured and licensed. Not only can we meet the needs of people living in Houston, but we can meet the needs of outlying communities too. We offer services in Bellaire, River Oaks, Woodlands, Tomball, West University, Pearland, Medical Center, Sugerland and Cypress. We can even come to your house if you live in Friendswood, Clear Lake, Webster, Dickinson, Katy or Spring.

Multiple Services

You already know that we cover multiple neighborhoods in and around Houston, but you might not know how many services we offer. We handle residential waste removal for pets and their owners, and we handle commercial needs too. We can remove litter and pet waste, and we can help you when it comes to audits of those living in the community. Whether you live in an HOA or an apartment community, we can help. We even offer services for parks and recreational areas. You’ll also find that we can set up signs, provide bags for people living nearby to clean up after their own pets and create stations where people can dispose of that waste. Today is the day that you take back your yard and help those around you clean up after their pets. Call DoodyCalls today to get started.

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